National Safety Net Program

The Kenya National Safety Net Programme (NSNP) is a government Social Protection programme established in September 2013 as part of the government’s initiatives to improve and enhance social protection delivery in the country.

The establishment of the NSNP builds on the government of Kenya’s commitment to reducing poverty, as articulated in Kenya Vision 2030.

In particular, NSNP was established to provide a common operating framework for the government’s four Cash Transfer programmes including, Persons With Severe Disabilities Cash Transfer, Older Persons Cash Transfer, Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Cash(CT- OVC) and the Hunger Safety Net Cash Transfer.

The NSNP cash transfers have made a profound difference in the lives of beneficiary households by improving their welfare and increasing their resilience. So far, more than 500,000 households are receiving cash transfers on a regular basis and an additional 374,806 households in Northern Kenya receive cash assistance in the case of extreme weather events.

The last three years have seen the government take the lead in the financing of NSNP with over 150,000 new households having been enrolled and financed by the government, marking a shift from the previous heavy financing by development partners such as the World Bank, DFID and UNICEF among others.

The 4 years programme is supported by the World Bank through a Programme for Results design of implementation.

Title Hits
Cash Transfer for Persons With Severe Disabilities (PWSD-CT) 16092
Cash Transfer for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (CT-OVC) 33544
Hunger Safety Net Programme (HSNP) 19315
Older Persons Cash Transfer (OPCT) 43109
Urban Food Subsidy Programme (UFSP) 10122

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